McLennan Community College

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Emily D
39 month ago
Great people & gorgeous campus! Check with your professor before buying your books. (You usually don’t need them)
Rate My Professors
105 month ago
McLennan Community College is #21 on our 2012-2013 Top Junior and Community Colleges List, based on your student ratings. See the full list and rate your schools and profs at
Jo P
128 month ago
If you want information about ANYTHING, go to the Library! Helpful librarians, 150 + computers, even BOOKS! Top floor of the LTC - and food is just downstairs in the cafeteria.
Lisa W
128 month ago
Apply for scholarships now. Go to front page of MCC's website under Financial Aid and click on MCC Scholarship Application. There is a lot of money out there waiting for students to apply.
Sara H
131 month ago
If you need to get all your fa stuff turned in, come early in the morning. The wait is short and you can get in and out!!
Robin Y
132 month ago
Check out the Highlander Bookstore @ the corner of Lakeshore and 19th for low prices on textbooks and textbook rentals.
George R
132 month ago
They expect to make over $22K in 2010-11 in parking fines.
Aubree C
139 month ago
be prepared to walk the shuttles are useless
144 month ago
Textbook rental is available at McLennan Community College Bookstore! Students can save 50% or more and have the option of shopping online or in-store. For more info, check out our website at rent-a-t
franco s
147 month ago
Have a getaway car