Dragonfly Bar

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Chris D
95 month ago
As expected, Monday night is pretty dead, although the music is thumping.
An Huy T
114 month ago
Well at the moment this bar is not as good as it used to be, the 2nd floor is kinda dirty and the 1st floor is so crowded at the weekend that you can hardly move. But accepteble prices anyway :D
Kien T
122 month ago
Any tip for hanging out at night? Viva DragonFly Bar. You can even feel the "Dynamite" and the "Crazy Atmosphere" before you enter the Bar.
Philip E
122 month ago
Nice bar with different brands of beer and shisha in the first floor
Huong Z
123 month ago
The bar is cozy. Price is acceptable. You may find shisha on the 2nd floor and i prefer the left room ;) Anw, it's fucking crowded at the weekend n i cud hardly find a place on the dance floor :(
123 month ago
Always crowded, a litle bit hot and hard to breath - But this is the BEST bar in Hanoi - LOLzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Triệu Việt T
124 month ago
So crowded and fun in weekend. Very hot @ 1st floor and shisha on 2nd floor is the best! The mayjor of this place is very handsome and friendly:))=)
Chi L
124 month ago
stoooooopid so-called DJs just dont know how to mix music. good place to have some fun and chilling out with pals, smoking shisha anw
Jun N
124 month ago
Very crowded place on weekends. They play the same music over and over every fucking time! I think they play back cd and the "DJ" just stand there for show. Drinks are alright though.
Quang G
126 month ago
Cheap & Fun. You'll find great shisha on the 2nd floor. Cool music btw.
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