Jimmies of Savin Rock

Seafood Restaurant
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gia m
81 month ago
My best friend had a horrible experience at this establishment. All i know it I will never go to this restaurant ever as the employers are rude and disrespectful.
Terry C
89 month ago
Old and overpriced, employees were rude too
Sasha N
95 month ago
The calamari is pretty good but the batter doesn't have much flavor... And the baked potato was verrrrrry baked, almost dry 😏 Nice view though
Nick M
114 month ago
Expensive, yet worthless lobster roll... paid for a lobster roll, got a hot dog bun. The lobster was shredded leftovers. To cover up the crap, they saturated it in butter. Insulting.
117 month ago
Yum yum but shitty ass service
Mariah S
117 month ago
Great stuffed shrimp! & the view is beautiful!
Teri A
121 month ago
I haven't been to Jimmies of Savin Rock in so many years, but when I was there, the food was awesome! My Grandmother used to live in the condos right there near near Jimmies!
Abe G
122 month ago
Avoid. Go somewhere else. Photo is barely-eaten lobster roll "platter". Meh.
Kristin C
122 month ago
The Lobster Roll was heavenly!
Chrissy C
125 month ago
Can even believe how awful my $18 lobster roll was!!! Not even edible! Waiter could care less. Douche.