Lambeau Field

Football Stadium
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Mark M
16 month ago
What an awesome experience!!! Went for a MNF game and was not disappointed. Fans are amazing. A real good vibe. Go Pack GO!
Edgar G
39 month ago
Increíble estadio!!! Lo dejaron muy bien después de la remodelación
Allan W
41 month ago
Lambeau Field is almost like a religious experience. The history of the place, memories of what has all transpired here is an awe inspiring feeling. Hallowed ground among NFL stadiums.
Drew N
59 month ago
Well. I like packers and football so I like here? Seriously though take the tour. Worth the money even for non packer fans. Cool stadium and history.
Sweta M
65 month ago
The tours are a lot of fun and you get to see the field from places that are usually off limits... like from next to the goal post on the field
Mary Hobb J
73 month ago
Great place to watch football! The ladies room is clean & doesn't have a oder problem. The food stands have good food. If U can't find something good, you didn't try very hard
John M
77 month ago
Eat at Curly's on the 2nd floor Atrium. There are no seat backs or cup holders.Seat backs can be rented for $6. If you need help deciding which Seats to purchase for your next Packers game, check out
Tony T
77 month ago
No choice, this is a must stop for anyone visiting Green Bay. It's the heart of football. No game? Do the tour, visit the pro shop & hall of fame. Attend a game if you can and be sure to tailgate!
James M
102 month ago
Lambeau Field is special. The stadium tours are awesome too. You'll get goose bumps on the tour. Here's the plaque at the end of the players tunnel.
113 month ago
Sure, winning is the only thing, but at Lambeau, cheese is definitely a close second. From cheese heads to cheese curds to beer cheese mac and cheese, this place has the cream (cheese) of the crop.