Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

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Cole K
7 month ago
These parks are nothing short of magnificent. Find a secluded, grassy patch behind the trees, spread out a blanket, grab a pizza from Fornino, and have a great evening with friends.
Kimmie O
10 month ago
The restrooms are found near Fornino.
Kimmie O
10 month ago
At the entrance/exit to/from pier 6, you’ll find plenty of seats & shaded area.
Kimmie O
10 month ago
Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 seems to be the kiddy area. You’ll find Slide Mountain, Swing Valley & Water Lab here. Volleyball courts are also here.
Steve J
20 month ago
Just beautiful
Ruthie O
32 month ago
Beautiful park, good for a stroll or taking the ferry to Governor’s Island on a nice day!
May ♍
33 month ago
Running, playing league volleyball and enjoying a sunset view over NYC's downtown skyline never gets old at Pier 6. One of the most beautiful places to go on a summer night in Brooklyn
Nick C
34 month ago
Bring a good book and a beach towel and curl up on the grass
Lynn B
35 month ago
Views are amazing, fornino pizzeria has live entertainment on weekends and top deck to eat..or 1924 pilot which is a restaurant on a sailboat docked at pier 6
Jonathan O
35 month ago
One of the city's great treasures. Stunning views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the harbor. A great place to bike or walk.