Eat Street Northshore

Street Food Gathering
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Vanessa M
21 month ago
4/5th time here. They’d changed location by only a few more steps down the street. On our anniversary 26/04 we visited, and will again soon. Wonderful atmosphere, good to go w or w/o someone. Worth it
Michael T
27 month ago
The food choices are phenomenal!!
Enver K
33 month ago
Amazing Place .. if in Brisbane, make sure you visit this amazing Eateries and entertainment centre. About an hour by City Cats Ferry ⛴ Service #eatstreet
Kimberley N
33 month ago
Visiting Eat Street in a group is a good way of sharing & tasting lots of the food without spending a fortune.🥘
39 month ago
Everywhere is fantastic. Go nuts. Not great coming here 4 days post gastric sleeve though. Hummm duh
Joao F
39 month ago
Food's amazing here and the live shows are quite good as well. Definitely don't miss it if you're in Brisbane
Eugene T
48 month ago
The much loved Eat Street Markets have moved to Northshore, where they have a fancy new space with loads more room, extra seating, more stages and an outdoor cinema.