Wine Bar
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Andro B
29 month ago
by far the best natural wine shop in Budapest where you can try dozens of organic wines from all over Hungary. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the prices won't kill your budget either.
Toad B
32 month ago
Очень интересный опыт дегустации вин. Вместо надоедливых сомелье дают планшет с необходимой информацией и карту дегусттора, с которой можно пробовать любые сорта вина.
Anna S
48 month ago
Шикарная подборка венгерских вин! Илеальная концепция, чтобы попробовать лучшее вино, побольше и не разориться
Petr J
50 month ago
Huge selection of Hungarian wines by the glass via enomatic. Nice and knowledgeable staff. Not to be missed!
Jihye K
62 month ago
If you love wine, never ever miss this place!! You can taste 56 different wines in any quantity. Awesome xDD
Ildikó V
63 month ago
Wine is delicious very special very profesional
Sam H
64 month ago
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Better than Faust if you really want to learn Hungarian wines.
67 month ago
They have a great selection of Hungarian wine! Cozy place & friendly people! Definitely recommend if you are into wine :)
Mikael A
73 month ago
Very interesting and good place for wine lovers but not very easy to grip if ones Knowledge of wine limits to "some wines are good, some are bad. I want to learn more"
We Love Budapest
74 month ago
Here we have the opportunity to visit each of Hungary's fruitful agricultural areas. Welcoming atmosphere with walls lined by bottles of premier Magyar-made wines available for sale.