Caltex Woolworths

Gas Station
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Meich C
19 month ago
Saw an old tip about no car wash after 10pm. This is no longer the case as I’ve gotten the car washed after 11pm
Isabella S
94 month ago
No car wash after 10pm! Ridiculous!!!!! So make sure if you wish to get a car wash... do it before 10pm!!!!!!!
Isabella S
97 month ago
Ultra Clean car wash for $13.70! Washes, cleans your car, includes under car & your tyres too! Plus a polish clean and a blow dry finish! All in 5 mins!
Con D
117 month ago
Do NOT exit the wicks road exit , you will scrape the crap out of the bottom of your car !!
  • Epping Rd. (at Wicks Rd.), Australia, GPS: -33.791588,151.13104