Jantar Mantar

Historic Site
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35 month ago
Очень красивое историческое место 10/10 мне понравилось вид красивый , чисто , мало людей, есть чем полюбоваться !
Holiday M
55 month ago
Jantar Mantar is a special place in Delhi and it is also included in Delhi tour packages from Chennai.it is actually a Kind of different architecture.read more
Holiday M
64 month ago
It is one of the heritage center in India, situated in Delhi. In jantar mantar is representing different kinds of astronomical instruments in large forms. Enjoy in the Delhi holiday Packages.
Kapil K
66 month ago
Built in1724 there are three instruments within the observatory of Jantar Mantar in New Delhi: the Samrat Yantra, the Jayaprakash & the Misra Yantra with primary purpose to compile astronomical tables
Holiday M
69 month ago
Jantar mantar is wonder that can see in your Delhi tour. It is a construction of thirteen architectural astronomy instruments. The word meaning is additional resources for further exploration.
Kushal S
71 month ago
Good place for a lot of street food and also the South Indian variety here as well
Anastasia K
77 month ago
Довольно занятное место, лучше подготовиться перед посещением и прочитать о назначении объектов. Вход стоит 100рупий для иностранцев.
Alon C
87 month ago
שעון שמש, אבל אין שמש בגלל הבתים מסביב
αикυя s
88 month ago
Beautiful Historical place..Visit Once'..
Ankur B
88 month ago
People used to be allowed earlier to climb the staircases of the various structures within the monument complex. However, due to increased tourist traffic and renovation, this is no longer allowed.