Saar's Market Place

Food & Drink Shop
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Robin E
35 month ago
What a life saver, only grocery store open on Christmas. Saved my life
Jim H
79 month ago
Prices are hard to match, cashiers are always friendly, the only thing I think is a little sketchy is the meat other than that it's all good.
Kathi U
108 month ago
Some prices r good others aren't
Courtney F
122 month ago
Love this place and plus you don't know what ghetto is unless u been to grand Coulee WA than I have seen ghetto!
Cary C
125 month ago
@drew s. I know more about ghetto than you I can guarantee that, kiddo. Couple of tats and a gay Facebook close up and you know ghetto huh? Get out of here with that BS.
Suzen A
126 month ago
Not a very nice place. Felt uncomfortable with the element that shops there. Food way over priced.
Drew S
127 month ago
@cary c… you don't even know what the hell ghetto is I'm sorry.
Brian W
131 month ago
Great deals!
Cary C
133 month ago
Place is very ghetto. Even more so most of the people in it. Avoid if you can unless you like that sort of environment.
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