Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) (成都双流国际机场)

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💁🏻‍♂️ S
27 month ago
Make sure you get the 24hr temporary Visa first then queue up for the immigration line, otherwise you'll have to queue twice.
Soobaas S
39 month ago
May I know From What is Business Hour of Duty Free Shops on Chengdu Airport because my Transit is on Chengdu Airport???
47 month ago
If normal security checks are long, use the diplomat/first class at the right end
Ahmed A
48 month ago
Good place I visit last summer its wonderful
angela c
49 month ago
You can ask for fast lane security check if you are less than 60mins before taking off...very thoughtful and convinient. Plus plenty ground staffs are ready and willing to help you...they are frdly
Fuyuhiko T
62 month ago
In case you go to the airport from Chengdu City (and vice versa), cost is around 50 RMB. If your taxi drive use highway, you have to pay extra 5 rmb.
Jet Airways
70 month ago
The Wuhou Memorial Temple was dedicated to Zhuge Liang and covers nearly 400,000 square feet. You can find beautiful sculptures, and also a huge stele, inside the temple.
72 month ago
Welcome to Chengdu! As you exit the airport you can go to the right and stay in line to take an official green and grey taxi for 50/80 RMB according to what part of Chengdu you'll go.
毛毛毛脑袋太躁 C
73 month ago
if u visit t2, there is a food street on top floor so if u want try any famous food one last time before u leave come here instead
Diane F
90 month ago
Ignore black taxi drivers targeting foreigners and hissing, "Taxi! Taxi!" as you exit the baggage carousel area. Go straight to the taxi stand opposite the exit; there are loads day or night.