Portugal: the edge of the Earth

The small streets boil over with passion during football matches, yet on local beaches, peace reigns supreme.

The ancient architecture here adjoins modern places of interest, and national traditions, with a 21st century rhythm of a life. Welcome to the warmest European country – Portugal!One of the most popular tourist cities on the map of Portugal is the capital Lisbon. The old streets, with a history of two thousand years, are full of many monuments, museums and parks. Sample some of the best wines and visit the only port museum in the world in the city of Porto, and enjoy the silence and almost untouched nature on the famous island of Madeira. Popular places in Portugal include Baroque churches, the Tower of Belém, built in honour of the great discoveries of Vasco da Gama and the Monserrate Palace.It was believed that Portugal was on the edge of the Earth, at least, that's what the locals called the cape of Cabo da Roca. If you look at the map, this is the westernmost point of Eurasia, so in part they were right.Experienced tourists also know a secret that your guide to the country won't tell you: You can save on a sightseeing tour of Lisbon by simply buying a ticket for the no. 28 local tram. It goes through the whole city, and passengers can see all the major sights. By the way, the routes of public transport in Portugal are so tortuous that the trams show much more interesting places than sightseeing buses.

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